Best of Tao pt.2


27 times Tao makes me fall in love with his voice.

  1. History
  2. Two Moons 
  3. Wolf (ft. Kris)
  4. Baby Don’t Cry
  5. Black Pearl
  6. Don’t Go (ft. Chen)
  7. Let Out the Beast
  8. Heart Attack
  9. Peter Pan 
  10. Baby (ft. Lay)
  11. My Lady
  12. Growl
  13. XOXO
  14. Lucky
  15. The Star (ft. Xiumin)
  16. The First Snow
  17. Overdose
  18. Thunder (ft. Chen)
  19. Run
  20. Love Love Love
  21. Mirotic (live)
  22. Officially Missing You (live)
  23. Dilemma (live)
  24. Growl (live; KOR Ver)
  25. Love Love Love (TLP Remix)
  26. Peter Pan (live; ft. Lay & Kris)
  27. Two Moons (live; ft. Chanyeol)

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jesus christ i love his voice tao exo ultimate bias number 2 my bias zitao

I’m about to do something that I never thought I would do. I’m going to send a bunch of random asks or messages to some of the people I follow, I just feel like maybe I should start a conversation instead of waiting for one. (It’s optional of course if you wanna reply back or not). The message probably be about something I like about your blog. lol

NOTE: Sometimes my messages don’t send because Tumblr is trolling me, so if you don’t receive messages back please inform me, and I will send it again.

NOTE (again): I always reply back ( (ミ´ω`ミ))

text i don't know why i feel like this or why i want to do this it's really weird i-purelove